Letter # 18: To Phil & Ira

Dear Ira Glass and Phil Collins,

Thanks for bringing up a repeated episode of This American Life on my phone this morning. Thanks for having silky smooth voices and understanding women (and men too) in ways that are only available through radio waves.

And thanks for letting this song play out in my head all. day. long.

I didn't really want it to be. There is no reason for it to be. But damn, Phil Collins you make single girls want to cry her eyes out, succumb to sadness and pick up the phone.

But Phil, I'm smarter than that and Ira knows I'd be disappointed in myself if I let go in such ways. And I'd like to imagine that If you were both here, you'd shout to him* "Yeah, take a look at her now. She's awesome. You missed out." And then a whole different, but equally awesome saxophone solo would start playing as we walked away. And my voice would appear on next week's radio show.

Thanks, Phil and Ira. You're the best.


*all men who have done me wrong, and all men who may do so in the future.

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  1. People may mock him but Phil Collins is a truth-teller...