List # 75: On the Horizon

There are a few things that I have come to learn about myself in my adult years: I like to keep busy, I like to have goals and I like to have good things on the horizon.

These traits are part of the reason why my first year graduated from college found me sad and depressed. They are the reason why I can't say "no" when asked to do something for family/friends/work. And I've learned the hard way that it's just built into my character. I may love downtime, but I get too much of it on my plate at one time I become sullen and sad.

So let's just say I was a little worried about this single summer that was going to be bogged down by Summer Reading Clubs, programs at the library and no vacations. But thankfully, life happened and my overwhelming need to worry about things I cannot control was once again proven ridiculous. Of course I would have fun things lined up for the hottest months of the year.

And so tonight's list is just a few things I'm looking forward to doing between now & August:

Bike ride with friends.
Go on dates.
See all of my story time regulars.
Swim at my aunt's.
Family Graduation Parties
3rd of July parties.
See out-of-town friends
Marry my library friends.
The beginning, middle and end of Summer Reading.
Head to the West Coast.

And a few things that could mean more changes for this girl. And let's add some happy unexpected things as well.

So, dear readers, what are you filling up your calendars with between now and August? Care to pencil me in your plans?


  1. Wimbledon
    Local farmers' markets
    Sunday tennis matches
    Teacher get togethers
    3rd of July picnic
    le Tour de France
    Trip to the beach
    Bike ride with friends
    US Open
    Start of my 3rd season coaching hs tennis

  2. Yay! I love lists!
    -Go to Kennywood (of course!)
    -paint our entryway breezeway
    -go to bach, beethoven and brunch at mellon park
    -go to the Martin Sexton concert
    -go to Riverpark for jazz and movies in the park
    -buy a firepit
    -stencil the space above our fireplace in the bedroom
    -drink coffee/tea in the mornings on the back porch (and remember to water the ferns!)
    -watch old movies with the windows open
    -watch all the Harry Potter movies in preparation for the last one (eek!)
    -have a blast on vacation next month
    -finish painting our adirondack chairs
    -have the sweet liberry gals over for a cookout!

  3. My first comment on your awesome blog is that of course I care to pencil you into some plans :) Key Fam Dinner soon! And NOLA Happy Hour!

    My list:
    Kayaking on the rivers (and hopefully other fun Venture Outdoors outings!)
    Bike rides
    Beach with the fam
    Reading lots of good books!
    Eating (and possibly cooking) as many meals al fresco as possible