List # 51: What I Would Talk About

I'm pledging this week to make blogging a priority again. I think it fell by the wayside over the past two weeks because of a busy schedule, and then again due to sadness. I spent a lot of time crying at the end of last week. For a variety of reasons, some legit and some probably not, so don't you worry your pretty little heads about me too much. I'm trying hard to get back to focus.

So tonight's blog post is inspired by my book club's April read. For those of you who don't know, I started an online book group a few months for all different types of women who love books, but live all over the world. We're aptly named Book Babes without Borders and meet & discuss over on GoodReads. This month's selection (picked by the lovely blogger & hockey-obsessed Brenna in NYC) is The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver.

I won't divulge too many details here (I'm saving my discussion for the message boards, ladies. So let's get on it) but the whole premise of the book is exploring two sides of a very crucial decision. I love that we, as readers, get to see the main's characters two roads and how they bend for good and bad. I love that we get to hear how conversations are played out in different scenarios. And I love how love sometimes means making bad decisions and living with regret.

Here's what I would talk about it if the fates aligned:
  • Glenn Beck leaving Fox. Because I haven't been discussed this with anyone else.
  • May 1st and all that comes with it. Because yes, I know it's a loaded day.
  • Trips abroad. Because they are inevitable and exciting and I was always ready to cheer.
  • All the stuff we haven't been able to tell anyone else. Because that just is.
  • Apologies. Enough said.
  • Italian Ice vs. Ice Cream. Because it's one of life's greatest debates.
  • Mistakes. And love. And the future. And hope.
  • Birds on the trail. Because I just like pointing them out.
  • Every tiny detail we missed in 2011. And stay up talking until the early light.
  • All the things you'd want to say. Because you have the nicest voice & it well...yeah.
I know it's the influence of the book talking, but lately I can't help but ponder how we make all of these decisions in our life in minuscule moments that we usually can't even remember. How one word, or one action, totally changes the course of our life and suddenly it becomes so incredibly hard to go back.

But unlike the book, I can't see what would happen if one tiny bit of life changed. It's just is how it is. And hope that somewhere along the way, you stumble upon a decision that straightens you out again. And you send out as may positive vibes that you can that someone out there is piling on the decisions that brings them beside you.

So what do you think, lovelies? Can you imagine your life playing out differently because of a decision? Do you think of how your future is going to play out because of the tiny decisions you made today? And do you worry like me? There have got to be more than just the Book Babes thinking about this out there.


  1. I think both tiny and huge decisions can do both and there really is no good answer to why. But I DO believe that reactions to things are crucial. And love. That to me is the most crucial stuff in the world, love.

  2. I worry about everything all the time.