List # 50: Where I Want to Go

A few of my friends are getting ready to embark on new journeys in their lives. And I'll be honest, this has me insanely jealous. I could use a fresh start right about now and the thought of picking up and packing up my bags for a new city & new adventure sounds so perfect. Oh, Wanderlust you seem to never really go away.

But I'm firmly planted here. No vacation days until December means no major trips. Weekends only. And a new-ish, fun, awesome job that I love means I'm staying put. Very Thankful.

So I get that my list is filled with lots of places that appear to have greener pastures. It's just that very little has gone the way I thought it would this year. And sometimes it helps to just think beyond, instead of think it's all a test to make me stronger.

Where I Want to Go at This Moment:
  • A spring trip to Ireland with a tall, dark & adorably cute guy who wants to drink a few pints & explore the countryside.
  • France, with a gaggle of my closest, single girlfriends. I really feel that if I'm going to explore the city of romance, I need some like-minded and able women to eat cheese & oogle Frenchmen with me.
  • Spain, with all of my close friends. To eat tapas and have lazy afternoons.
  • Las Vegas, with my cousins. To gamble and drink and sit by a pool with books in hand, while we laugh the afternoon away.
  • A weekend beach getaway with my mom. Because she needs peace & quiet too.
  • An early morning walk to the Acropolis with the person of my heart. To show things I have seen, to see what has changed. And then off on a ferry to a quiet island and a trip back to my hometown.
  • A fancy schmancy job in a big library in New York City. Because I feel at 29 this is a city I would like the chance to conquer before time runs out. Though ideally, I'd just like to take my current job & coworkers and transplant us there for a bit.
  • But really, really, really want go to away over Independence Day. And this is the one that I can make happen. Who wants to go on a holiday trip with me? Or let me visit them? I'm serious.


  1. I'm totally down. For anything! Love u tons!

  2. I'm with Laura!! We could go visit my aunt in North Carolina, or friends in Columbus...

    Soon, I will have friends all over the world (courtesy CISV!) and we can take trips to all the places that you mention above!

  3. I try not to fantasize about travel...it hurts too much to think that I'll probably never be able to travel ever again.

  4. Laura, You tell me when you want to try a trip and i'm there, hands down. i can do the planning. you just tell me when you're up for it. No frills, no fuss cuz.

    Lindsey, Trips are a necessary thing in our lives. Be sure to make friends with Frenchmen this summer.

    Spekkio, you would be invited if I ever had enough money to splurge on everyone I know. And we'd somehow find a way to make it happen for you.

  5. I like the no frills, no fuss. Just fun! Haha. We'll figure whatevs and whoevs out.