List # 46

A few things I will say...
  • Thank you being a friend.
  • Your books are due...
  • The library closes at 9 pm.
  • We should totally try to find Christian Bale in Pgh this summer.

A few things I would like to say...
  • Facebook games are not a good way to spend the whole of your afternoon.
  • Yay! I just won the lottery & we're going on a trip to...
  • What?! TLC is going to feature me in a reality show about awesome librarians? Hurray!
  • You're giving me this apartment for free?!

A few things I wish I would have said...
  • I don't care what your impressions are but Eat, Pray, Love is not a book about development.
  • I would love to stay an extra year in Greece.
  • You're too short for me, Napoleon.
  • You know, what's going on in the bedroom really isn't working for me.
  • Remember that time you rejected my grad school application? (shows 4.0 transcripts)
And am wondering if we all have more "would" have saids than anything else? Even though I don't chalk them up to regrets it still easy to take up a lot of time thinking about "what if." Tell me, what are your will/like/would's?

(Also, have been thinking about giving each list/letter an actual title. But fear that my Title-writing abilities are actually really lame. Any thoughts? Comments? Tips?)

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't make it through India in "Eat, Pray, Love."

    LIKE to say:
    1.) "Here is my two week notice."
    2.) "Losing 45 lbs. only took me two months and it was easy."
    3.) "Yes, I would love to work from home and write about anything I like all day long."

    Wish I WOULD HAVE said:
    1.) "I can't forgive you for cheating on me."
    2.) "Thank you for the offer, but I will not be accepting the position."
    3.) "No, I would not like to go to Burger King at 11 PM." (x25)