List # 46

Until this head cold (maybe allergies?) goes away, the posts are going to be short. While I'm a ball of energy on dayquil during the light hours, I'm quickly falling into a deep sleep thanks to its nighttime cousin. Today was one of those rainy Mondays April brings so often, but it's bringing threats of snow flurries/more rain tomorrow so I'm sure that's not helping my poor little head, nose & throat either.

And fitting to the weather, this day was full of little bumps & screw-ups and things just not right. It wasn't a bad day, per say, for this gal. But it wasn't a bright one either. Just another day that gets socks wet and has you wishing for sunshine, just like you did all winter.

Here's what goes hand-in-hand with rain & wind in Pittsburgh:

Showing up to work at the wrong time. Early, at least. But because that's the way the cookie is crumbling today, a split shift was had.

Bad hair. Though not a girly girl by any means (at least I don't think so? But maybe others have a varied opinion). I love my hair. And I can't stand when it doesn't "feel" right on my head. Not feeling right means it doesn't look good, no matter how many times you tell me differently.

Bringing people to tears through social media. Seriously? Last time I checked we weren't in Mean Girls/we aren't politicians/we aren't clones. We're adults, people live their lives. And guess what? Each of us make different decisions. No need to get all selfish/preachy/defensive/you select the adjective.

And the good?

Polka Dot Rainboots. Because they make being outside in the rain enjoyable. Almost.

The Terrible Towel. You can even find it on Dancing with the Stars.

Hell let's just say, Hines Ward. Because the Steelers are really the only reason I'd ever watch (and vote on) Dancing with the Stars. Not ashamed. It's Called Steeler Nation.

3 for 3. And I'm stopping before I start sounding loopier than normal. Oh Nyquil, you're a fine & loyal friend.

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