List # 48

Short Lessons I Learned this Weekend:

  • I want an honest-t0-goodness flirt session. With someone who is actually available, not just kind-of available, or available in a different city or any other variation of available.
  • Spring has never been my favorite season. But give me a day like today, with clear skies and multiple walks & good books and I'll boost it up a few points.
  • I miss my bike. But to get it back...well, it just needs to be done.
  • Cramps ruin the best of evenings. But knowing I can sleep in a bit makes it tiny bit easier.
  • New seasons mean new ways to remember. And *sigh* this can be hard.
  • Sarah Vowell is the newest hipster reading. What?! Why?
  • Summer weekend trip. Must happen.

Hope your weekend was happy, readers. It's a busy week in library world, but I'll try to pop in with some true blogging.


  1. Aww, I like Sarah Vowell. Assassination Vacation was a fun read (and I read it years ago, before she ever showed up on The Daily Show), but I'll admit The Wordy Shipmates was a bit of a slog. I'm looking forward to picking up Unfamiliar Fishes at some point, once I get through the three books I'm currently reading simultaneously.

    Hope you get your bike back ASAP!

  2. Bana, I'm so glad we "met." I thought Wordy Shipmates was the worst of her books, Assasination Vacation the best. Fishes is good, better than Wordy Shipmates for certain.

    Working on the bike, I'll have it back soon I think! I really miss it.

  3. Summer 2011. Columbus or bust.