List # 45

Looking back through this week's posts it is clear that a good mood was hard to find. I wasn't even going to blog tonight but then I read this post by an awesome blogger/Jake Gyllenhaal-lover and decided to follow her lead. It's so obvious that I haven't been feeling myself this week because a.) I am actually nervous to go for margaritas with some of my best pals tomorrow and b.) I still have a crater of a zit (and the makings of another) on my chin.

So tonight? A list of things that make me happy:
  • Opening new book orders
  • Really cold iced tea
  • Afternoon texts from friends
  • Emails about The Hunger Games
  • The excitement of children at story time (Call me lame, but I had 38 kids today. It was epic.)
  • Hour-long lunches
  • Hulu
  • Finding the time to read before work
  • Pencil skirts & cute cardigans
  • Red coats
  • Red shoes
  • A re-found love of high heels
  • Black olives (or any olive)
  • Finding my favorite blogs updated
  • Chai tea lattes, non-fat, extra hot & occasionally with a pump of vanilla
  • Writing this blog
  • Texts from friends in the afternoon
  • Online shopping
  • Flirting
  • Warm blankets

And that's my list. What's yours?


  1. 38 kids at storytime? that IS epic, you should be bragging all over the place. and I have to say, I want your confidence to wear a pencil skirt. They're so cute, but they scare me. Something that makes me happy? RUBBER DUCKIES!

  2. Maybe I should text you more in the afternoon since it made your list twice.

  3. Haha! I know, I must REALLY like texts in the afternoon. You can text me this afternoon & I can see you later in the evening & it will be like a double whammy of fun!

    Becca, you can wear a pencil skirt! Just flaunt what you've got :)

  4. You forgot red belts!!

    Some items on my list:

    tea in the morning
    students understanding what I am saying
    students thanking me for lessons
    drinks with new friends
    drinks with old friends
    watching my cats chase each other
    listening to the Hunger Games on audiobook
    reading this blog
    realizing that I am blessed indeed

    <3 you!!