List # 44

I am in no mood for an emotional post today. Just feeling too much & I really don't want to open the flood gates or contemplate ways to make me happy. I just want to be tonight. Don't worry, I'm not as upset as last night but the worry still hasn't left & I still feel pretty fragile. So tonight's lists? Just a collection of thoughts that passed my way today.

29 is too old for zits. Just don't think the 1 as big as a dime resting on my chin has gotten the memo. Answering the phone at work today was brutal.

March 30 is too late for snow. Of any sort, really. I don't care that it didn't lay on the ground, I was freezing all day thanks to winter forgetting it's over & not beginning.

I am ready to show off my bare legs. This girl loves tights. I have a growing collection & think they are more comfortable than pants. But I could be wearing cute spring outfits & adorable shoes. Yet I'm not because apparently March 30th isn't too late for snow & half of this year's tight collection now has runners & holes. Bring on Spring, please.

Here's to zitless tomorrows that warm us inside & out, lovelies.

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