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For those of you not familiar with how the library scene works, most libraries offer a summer reading program in the summer. Kind of like a club, libraries have a theme that shapes programming & encourages children & parents to continue reading during the summer months. There is a lot more to say about Summer Reading Club (SRC), but the bottom line is that TONS of work goes into it. When schools are closed & it seems that everyone's productivity is down during the lazy, hazy days of summer...libraries are at their busiest. It's quite possible that you'll be hearing a lot about SRC, so just a heads up.

So today was a big SRC training day for librarians in my county & one that served up some mandatory continuing education credits. In general, it's an awesome way to spend a weekday: one of the coolest museums in the city, many creative librarians in one space, likeminded sorts & best of all, drinks afterwards for library & girl talk. I expected this day to be have all kinds of creative energy flying around the room mixed with an awesome view of the Allegheny River. It's how we roll in my town.

But one thing I was not expecting today was having to talk about my ex & current situation. Actually, it's not that I didn't expect it, I just forgot that I was seeing people who knew how my life has been playing out so far in 2011 and whom I haven't seen in quite some time. I have to admit, it was a little awkward talking about how I'm coping, what exactly happened and (though I'm quite thankful) getting praise for this blog. I loved the outpouring of support, but it was strange to be the girl that had to quickly catch everyone up on life changing events whether it be a long-term relationship falling apart or a father who has been ill this year.

But you know what? I learned a few things today.

I can actually talk about what happened and not feel like I want to sink back into the lonely cave of hurt and sadness. In fact, I can actually talk about it and not feel like crying one bit.

The Palm Reader in Jackson Square, New Orleans was 100% correct in her predictions in August 2010. Little did I know I'd see a promotion & the end of my relationship just a few months down the road...but she certainly did. She was spot on. I still have her card & would love to go back to see what she'd say now. And if you're heading to NoLA for ALA or some other event, let me know and I'll give you her information.

My hometown is a small town, and even in a room of 40 plus librarians & another 20 or so performers & more, I'm bound to run into someone who has ties to him. So much in fact, that I had been to her house for a party just days before the boy called it off.

Being a librarian is awesome. Even if when you tell people you're a librarian, they consistently make comments such as "Oh, I didn't even think there were libraries anymore" and "Is that even a real job?" Yes, they do & yes it is. Visit us, or you're missing out.

And as always, lovelies, please send some good thoughts & prayers this way. This family could use all the good mojo it can get.

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