List # 34

It was a long day for this librarian, dear readers. A split shit, no real lunch, story time, prep for tomorrow's baby lapsit debut and a staff meeting in which I rolled out a new cash register/money system. I even had a patron from my old library, returned after two months abroad, walk in the doors and be so genuinely excited to see me. He had, in fact, been wondering where I disappeared to in his absence. It was one of those days where I felt energized by my own ideas. And seeing as today was International Women's Day, I thought it fitting that I was rocking my library in heels & a skirt & feeling kick ass.

So today's list is a short one, because this extra long day, has wiped me out and all I really want do is bury myself under the covers & sleep into the morning. But it's my original, almost silly, list of why I love being a woman. The little things that I'm thankful are mostly meant just for girls like me.

1. Tights & skirts are infinitely more comfortable than pants. You know that Tide commercial featuring a young tight enthusiast? That's me, but knocking on the door to 30. Tights & skirts (and dresses too) let me free to run & jump & dance. Plus, feel sexy to boot.

2. True girlfriends are uplifting & supportive. Let's face it, I've used my (to quote the late 90s/early 20s) phone-a-friend more than once this year. But I actually think I've been on the receiving end of more calls/chats/messages/texts. I love that my girlfriends are here for me, I love that I work with women who boost confidence & work together.

3. Being a sorority girl is quite alright. I became a sorority girl my second semester of college (when formal recruitment takes place) and I will be very honest in telling you that it was the best decision I made during my four years of school. My sorority gave me leadership opportunities, it taught me the meaning of bonds, opened up doors for me across campus & beyond. Maybe some people see sororities as a way to "pay for friends" and I doubt there is little any Greek person can do to change their mind. But trust when I say it's more about a support system, fun and friendship for life than anything else.

4. Changing opinions and changing our mind is a woman's not-so-secret secret. It's the cliche, yes. That women will change their outfits 5 times before going out, change their hairstyles monthly & much, much more. I know I'm not the extreme but I won't apologize for changing my opinions. I won't apologize for changing my plans. And I won't apologize for changing my outfit before leaving.

Now as March is Women's History Month, I plan on more Women-Related posts. But I kept it light & fluffy your sanity & mine tonight, Dear Readers. But tell me, what are some of your favorite female indulgences?


  1. I tell people that if I paid for my friends, I got a really good effing deal! ;-)

  2. I LOVED this list!! We girls always need reminded why we are so awesome, since I feel that sometimes there is a seemingly unattainable standard that we feel we must constantly run toward. I too love skirts instead of pants; they are beautiful and fun and make me feel gorgeous. I cannot wait for spring until I can wear them more often!

    Another one of my favorite indulgences has to be bags/purses. I am obsessed, as the multiple bags hanging on my wall and laying around my room shows. They are all colors and large and small and lovely, and make me smile whenever I look at them. Guys do not know what they are missing out on...Wow, this really made me want to go shopping now!! Can we? ;)

    PS- you rocked that cash register training! I predict a void-free day, haha