List # 33

Thanks to my internal clock I awoke earlier than I had planned for a rainy, nothing-to-do Saturday. And thanks to a third night of realistic & wacky dreams, I am creating a list.

Things I Dreamt About This Week:

1. I dreamt that I had my hair done in a big, 1950s-style bouffant. I was modeling this hair style for a show & was very worried about it getting messed up before going to work at the library. So worried, in fact, that I woke up in a panic that I was messing up my hair as I slept. See, normally when I wake in the morning my hair looks like a toddler's and that is obviously detrimental to my bouffant. Also, I suffered a terrible neck ache the next day because I know I was so worried about ruining my hair while I slept.

2. Later in the week I dreamt I was assigned Chevy Chase as a partner for a film project. We had to work together all day & all night. Then, I was told that it was my job to make the general public think Chevy Chase is a good person, since his reputation had been torn apart by a misunderstanding in the media.

3. Last night I dreamt that I moved to Indianapolis. I've been to Indy and I know what the town looks like. Except in my dream it was a cross between Blade Runner & the wild, wild west. In my dream, a proper means of transportation was a stage coach. I also had realistic conversations with people that currently live in that city, voices & mannerisms and all. And then somehow, the ex moved there too and his whole family was involved & tried to give me explantations that I just wasn't having. I just wanted to ride in the stage coaches & attend class...because apparently I was also a student again. But studying what, the dream never got around to explaining.

Let me explain that I have always had a habit of very vivid dreams since I was a very little girl. Sometimes, I'm lucid & can control what's happening too. And I'm definitely not taking any sleeping aids anymore (they were quite handy right after the break-up) and I only had 2 tiny glasses of wine last night.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share. Happy Weekend.

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