List #6

Weekend Thoughts:

1. Brandy & ginger ale make a fine combination. New drink for a new year?

2. I wish that I would have gone to see the patriotic chandelier with him. For laughs that we could appreciate together. Stupid laughs, I know. But the little ones are always remembered. I am sure I am the only one who would want this.

3. A big bed doesn't mean I will take up all of it. I still like my side.

4. It's hard not to want it all back even if I know he won't. This is the end.

5. Is my face missed at all?

6. I bought new snow boots. I want them to be here today. And I want winter to only be pretty.

7. A weekend without the Steelers never feels complete this time of year.

8. I love me. I am awesome. The first weekend can only come once. New year, new things.
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  1. I slept on "my side" for a year. Only recently have I migrated back to the middle. You'll get there. xoxo.

  2. You ARE awesome and I'm glad I met you last year. :)

    (I never mention my blog on Facebook because I have a lot of family there and I don't need my family tromping through my blog, ha.)