List # 16

The Best Things a Girl Should Have:

1. The comfiest pair of pajamas she can find. Personally, I prefer t-shirts collected through the ages paired with yoga pants or (when it's really cold) oversized, should-not-be-seen-in-public fleece pants.

2. A good group of trustworthy friends. I would recommend the type that look past your faults, support your endeavors and never make you feel bad about yourself. Some of us learn that the hard way and some of us have trouble letting go. But when we do learn our lessons and when we do let go, we are rewarded.

3. A library card. Sure, I am saying this because it is keeping my profession in business. But let's just put it this way; even on your darkest of days, even when you're flat broke, the library is open and holds tales to be read & advice to be found.

4. A skirt that makes her feel sexy. Remember my hunt for a sexy pencil skirt? I bought one that I have been eyeing since before the holidays. It's not very high-waisted, but it is black lace. And it was 60% off. Enough said.

5. A hobby that fosters creativity. I am a dedicated life-long learner. I have seen too many people succumb to adult boredom. I believe firmly in reading, craft projects, volunteer work, classes...whatever keeps your gears in motion.

6. A job that makes you happy. If I had to give any advice to a young graduate, or a woman my age wondering what to do next, I'd say find something that challenges you but suits your strength. Don't be afraid to start over and find something that brings you joy. It's out there.

7. A few favorite songs that evoke special memories and a few more that give you strength for the future. Like I have mentioned before, I'm not one to let go of things easily. And certain songs are always on my playlist for the memories they hold: cold winter nights at Allegheny, Saturday nights in Agrinio, friends, even sad moments. But then there are the ones that make look forward to the tomorrows and remind me of how awesome I really am, and what I have accomplished.

8. Handbags. Well, that's my own fashion vice, but shoes, jewelry (okay, I like that a lot too) or sunglasses will all work just as well.

9. A good relationship with her mother/aunt/grandmother, etc. I don't think I was as close to my mother as I was when I was younger. I was a Daddy's girl. But I can honestly say that my Mom is one of my best friends now. I love her so much and am so thankful to have her to lean on and have fun.

10. Confidence. This needs to be its whole separate blog post. But let's face it, this is a battle women face all of the time. I know men fight feelings of inferiority as well. But there is something that happens to girls from the time they are very young that can often make it hard to see that they are worth more than what they get, make it hard to look at their bodies as beauties, make it hard to admit they are smart & tough cookies. I know it took me a long time, along a windy road, to reach this point in my life where I'm proud of where I am and feel that I have a lot to offer.

What is something you think every gal should have? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Re: #1, I went shopping a few weekends ago because Adam said I needed to buy myself some new, nice things. I came home with a pair of jeans and a giant, 2XL pair of gray fleece sweatpants from Kohl's. He was like,....seriously??? Why not, I'm a stay at home mom now, I need to be comfy during the day!

  2. This is so great Shannon...once again you had me smiling at some moments, nodding furiously at others, and even with a little tear popping out at one. Oh, and I totally rocked my fleece sweats last night. And I'm wearing my "when I feel sexy" item today...my glasses. WEIRD?!

  3. I will add to this: a pair of red high heels that may have cost a little too much money, but are so worth it. Nothing in the world makes a girl feel sexy more than a pair of red high heels. Especially with a sexy lace pencil skirt.

  4. Oh Ladies, I love these comments. I will agree with all of them! LaBella, new glasses are on my "to-do" list & I will get a sexy pair!