List # 15

I was going to continue my Pittsburgh love affair story, but after a long gloomy day & a late night home, I'm not really in the mood. The second part of my story will come shortly, when it's good & ready I suppose.

So tonight, all I really want to do is write a list.

Tonight's list? Things that happened today. Because I can't bear to only write about the sadness I felt today.

1. My little brother, Ian, is starting a blog. He loves to eat & writing about food that he eats is a perfect fit for him. We're talking anything. This was the guy who got an in-house suspension in high school because he ate a goldfish in the cafeteria. And he takes food challenges very seriously. He's a sophomore at Wittenberg University. So go read him & give him some love.

2. It was a sad day. One with fog & gray & cloud in Pgh can often lead to bad things and today it led to sadness.

3. Part of this sadness I brought on myself by reading old texts, emails & the like when I discovered a message from the best person I thought I knew mid-day. It's so amazing how oneself can be so confident and feel so broken at the same time. I'm leading two different lives right now, I swear. But today was the first one, in a very long time, that it was tough to hold back the tears even when I was just sitting.

4. When you're sitting next to craft supplies for a stinky, smelly themed story time it is very easy to get a headache and feel sick to your stomach.

5. I talk a lot about books. But every time I read a book that punches the breath out of me, brings me to my knees & makes me halt all other activity, I feel the same. It's a mix of shock, excitement and surprise. Reading a book that becomes part of your life is a rare gift and that is why I must tell you to run out to your local library and request Room by Emma Donoghue. I say request because this book probably has a wee bit of a hold list. But look for it any format...even it means buying the ebook.

6. I am completely hooked on Sara Bareilles' Kaleidoscope Heart album. I mentioned one song a few posts ago, but now I have the album and it just fits my moods and winds down any type of day.

7. Hoping that tomorrow is better than today. Hoping that each day after brings more success & happiness than it does frustration & sadness for all.

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