Letter # 50-something: Listen Here

Dear Pennsylvania Voters,
Our Primary is on Tuesday and whether or not you agree with my politics, just go vote. I don't even care if you the primaries don't matter. Just go vote. In a world where everyone complains about the government the best thing we can do is voice our opinions. And yes, I know the general election is still months away but every election counts.

Dear Spider Above My Window,
You go on ahead and keep trying to eat that stink bug. It's impressive that you're doing it without a web too. But just know that both of you don't stand a chance against my fierce fists and paper towels.

Dear Actor Who Plays Sam on New Girl,
You're hot. We need more of you. Keep coming back.

Dear People Who Ask Women When They Plan on Having a Baby,
I don't know how many times we need to go over this, but please just stop. We don't really owe you anything in terms of an answer but we're nice and it's too hard to dodge the subject so we have to say something kind committal. But each woman has their own stories to tell and it should be no one's concerned until we are ready to share them. Just be kind.

Dear Pittsburgh Penguins,
I'm sorry that our household did not get to watch as many games as we hoped for this year. Cutting cable kind of puts a damper on live hockey. But we've never lost our fandom and we're all in on these playoffs. Let's do this.

Dear Upstairs Bathtub,
The one thing I desperately wanted in a house was a very deep bathtub. It was the one thing I didn't really get. Every evening around nine, especially when I'm home alone, I get annoyed that you aren't as deep and as long as I'd prefer and curse that soaking in the tub isn't as luxurious as it was when I was single in my apartment. But I guess I'll still take you.

This Lady

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