List #257: 33 Things at 33

On this day in 1981, I was born. I'm the oldest of three three children and the only girl in my immediate family. I always loved that my birthday was in September. I was usually one of the first people to celebrate a birthday in the school year, my birthday was never one of those forgotten summer days, and the weather was always perfect for an outdoor party in my parents' backyard.

And this year, on one very hot and not-so-seasonal September Sunday, my birthday was just as nice. Filled with lots of love from my two favorite boys, lots of laughter, and dinner with family. And the day ended with some quiet time, the How I Met Your Mother boxed set, peppermint tea, and blankets.  Even if I did cry in the middle of it all, the day was nothing short of all the things I enjoy the most:  great stories from good friends, peels of laughter from a toddler, kisses from a boyfriend, and a home-cooked meal and conversations with my family. 

Here's what I was thinking as 365 days passed:
  • Even if the mother dies, I want Ted Mosby to find happiness.
  • This house is a horrible mess.
  • When can I eat tacos?
  • Giggly babies are the best babies.
  • Oh wow, everyone is having more babies.
  • Why does my boyfriend's nose sound like a foghorn?
  • How soon can I go visit friends in far away cities?
  • Oh goodness, Cat! Leave me alone!
  • I really like making out.
  • I wonder how early the baby will wake up in the morning.
  • This book really isn't so great.
  • I've been underrating a beach vacation for years.
  • I have nothing to wear in this closet.
  • Sometimes, I just don't want to hear your voice.
  • This man is the best man.
  • How many times is too much to listen to one song in a row?
  • Chris Pratt. Tom Hiddleston. Chris Pratt. Adam Levine. Chris Pratt.
  • I'm so very lucky to have met someone who actually likes to cook.
  • What should I order at Starbucks today?
  • Asking if I (or anyone else) had in vitro, adopted, or used a surrogate is not okay.
  • My fantasy football team is crap.
  • I don't think I care about the Steelers anymore.
  • When can I watch the Pens play?
  • Please don't watch porn in public.
  • Oh, pretty and expensive houses!
  • Why am I crying?
  • Why is 90s fashion a thing in 2014? 
  • I miss my friends.
  • I miss my family.
  • I should probably make those doctor's appointments.
  • Which book should I read at storytime?
  • Am I getting old?
  • Somewhere along the way, I stumbled upon a life that manages to include a whole lot of funny and a whole lot of love.
Really truly, it's been a lucky and wonderful year. I'm hoping for some adventure, love, luck, health, and a few good travels in the year ahead. Here's to all of those things and more.

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