List #248: Hot Nights And City Living

As the first week of summer begins, I find myself thinking about a beach vacation that seems so far off into the distance. And trying to muster up the energy to stay up past 10 pm and read. I have 7 library programs in 4 days and it may be getting the best of me. 

But it's my first summer living within city limits since my childhood. And I'm loving discovering the quiet of our tiny porch, just blocks from a busy street. I love long family walks and short solo walks. And grilling dinner for three.

Here is what I'm enjoying most:
  • Living in a house with central air conditioning.
  • Reading books and drinking beers while sitting on the porch together after work.
  • Grilling in the morning for breakfast.
  • Zoo trips late on Sunday mornings.
  • Freeze pops readily available.
  • The new Salted Caramel Core ice cream. Thank you, Ben & Jerry.
  • Ice Cream surprises on Saturday afternoons.
  • Long walks with panoramic views of Pittsburgh. 
  • Splashing in fountains. 
  • Rooftop bars.
  • Ice teas.
  • Ice drinks in the morning.
  • Ice water in a Tervis mug.
  • Going to bed early and not feeling bad about it at all.
  • Drinks with friends on Saturday nights.
Honestly, this week is going to exhaust me. Libraries are hectic in the summer time and it's my job to coordinate most of the (joyous) madness. But summer is fantastic. Especially when you have air conditioning. And views that look like this.

Once again, my city is prettier than your city. 

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