List #236: Over the Course of a Weekend

I don't want to say that I'm still adjusting to living with a significant other. The boyfriend and I have been cohabiting for a few months now. And once upon a time in what feels like a lifetime ago, I shared a small and awkward place with someone else. I think we've adjust quite well, and I'm sure caring for a baby helps in that regard, but the final weeks of renting my apartment are coming to a close.

I haven't stayed in my once beloved one-bedroom apartment since before Thanksgiving. I can't even recall the last night I tucked myself into the bed alone. But I'm guessing it was around the time I went away for the weekend, and the boyfriend went away for a week long business trip. After that think we just made the decision to pick up the cat and let my lease run its course.

Besides running hot and steaming water for my bath on freezing winter nights, I haven't missed it all that much. Our shower here is a lot nicer than mine, but the bathtub just isn't as deep.

So in preparation of handing the keys over for real, this weekend was really the time to take care of the big things that we've been avoiding over the last months.

And in the course of a weekend, here is what happened all because one girl moved in with one boy:

  • A brother-in-law met a boyfriend at an apartment to load up a truck.
  • The librairan worked on a strategic plan community meeting.
  • A couch and a love seat was moved to a parents' garage.
  • A dining room table was disassembled. And moved to a parents' basement.
  • Three end tables, each over 20 years old, were placed on the side of the road. 
  • One CD rack from Pottery Barn, a college gift from a babysitting family, was taken outside.
  • Two tarps were purchased.
  • Bubble wrap was ordered. Thanks to Amazon Prime.
  • Bubble wrap was purchased. Thanks to Rollier's Hardware.
  • Prints and postcards and pictures were taken down, boxed, and propped by the front door.
  • Wearing an Allegheny sweatshirt made one old man inside a Chinese restaurant assume that I was rich, conservative, Republican, and Christian.
  • A whole lot of furniture was moved to a new nursery. 
  • Burgatory dinner happened. With alcoholic mikshakes shared and beer consumed.
  • A handful of Parks and Recreation episodes were watched.
  • Texts were exchanged about the effects of the first season of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Two people fell asleep before 10:00 pm on a Saturday night.
  • Daylight Saving screwed with all of our minds.
  • The cat got a few new toys and decided inside bed was the best place to play with them.
  • Loads of laundry were finished.
  • Sunday night came way too fast.
In the end, we aren't really finished emptying the apartment just yet. One more day and perhaps an evening after work will do the trick. I want my owl collection and postcard collection. Moving might be the worst, but you can't complain when it's a good thing. And when other people spend their day off picking up heavy pieces of furniture while you work. 

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