List #218: This is Bliss

Bliss is
  • The first seasonal corn-on-the-cob dabbed with just a little bit of butter.
  •  Laying in bed listening to a summer storm.
  • A cat who comes to snuggle right by your side.
  • Waking up in the morning and realizing you can sleep in just a tiny bit more.
  • Wearing a new dress for a special occasion.
  • Exploring.
  • A warm bath filled to the brim with bubbles.
  • The beginning of a good book.
  • Laughing with a friend even she's hundreds of miles away.
  • Nachos or Funnel Cake. Or really whatever your guilty snack food of choice may be.
  • The first few moments of vacation.
  • Getting real mail.
  • Fresh cut flowers decorating your table.
  • Newly painted toenails after a pedicure.
  • Getting to know someone new.
  • Making someone laugh. 
  • The second kiss.
  • The perfect hair day and somewhere to show it off.
  • Cold sheets on a hot night.
  • Treating yourself to tea at the start of a busy morning.
What, dear readers, do you consider your own slices of bliss? Share in the comments.

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