List #172: If Santa Claus was Coming to Town

Shh, I'm about to tell you a secret. Sometimes I wish Santa was real.

But I doubt that I'm the only one.

See? Other people wish Santa were real. Like fictional characters from one of the best television shows.

If the man in the big red suit really was coming down my chimney next wee, I would ask for a few things other than a KindleFire and a set of hot rollers. 
  • A sweet phone call from the person I keep thinking about.
  • More Christmas cards from loved ones.
  • A note of appreciation and acknowledgement for all of my hard work. 
  • A declaration of love.
  • Fantastic NYE plans that include a fancy dress. 
  • Health for all of my family and friends.
  • Not just a date, but a real and honest relationship.
  • Six months rent, paid.
  • Nights on the couch with someone who likes kissing me.
  • Peace.
  • Less horrific events, more happy events.
  • A day spent with my closest friends where no one has to rush off to prior engagements.
  • Enough wine to last a year.
  • More grand gestures.
  • A mild winter.
  • Love. Peace again. Happiness.
Does anyone else wish Santa was real? That man can work some serious magic. 

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