List #161: The Ups and Downs of a Week

  • Getting excited for election day
  • Being unable to escape from campaign ads
  • Feeling super nervous on election day
  • Growing Angry at polling volunteers who give wrong information
  • Biting nails as the polls close
  • Drinking as the results roll in
  • Hands in the air as Pennsylvania turned blue
  • Cheering as the electoral college gave it to Obama
  • Waiting up to listen to President Obama's speech
  • Falling asleep on my couch waiting
  • Still waiting
  • Not being all that impressed with Romney's speech
  • Waiting some more
  • Crying during President Obama's speech
  • Crushing on Michelle Obama
  • Loving the First Family
  • Waking up overly tired
  • Going to work sick
  • Half sick days and naps
  • First dates
  • Cider and beer
  • Emails to sit in limbo while one contemplates
  • "Are you kidding me?" Gchat messages received
  • Cat snuggles
  • Baby showers
  • Conversations about where to buy diapers
  • Closet cleaning
  • Dress wearing
  • Forgetting that it's a 3-day weekend
  • Loving a 3-day weekend

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