List #156: Things You Do During the Storm of the Century

I really hope lots of people up and down the East Coast are having Sandy Sex. The storm outside is raging, Halloween is being postponed, and New York City is underwater.

In Pittsburgh, we refuse to believe we're closer to the midwest than the coast. And the fact that we suffer the tail end of storms like this just adds evidence to our argument. So we're hunkering down, wondering if we'll lose electricity, and cooking all of the things. I hope lots of people here are having Sandy Sex too, but since I'm not one of them, here is a list of things that I've been doing as the rains pour on and on outside.

  • Iron 3 outfits just incase we do lose power for more than 24 hours.
  • Buy pizza and breadsticks from the local pizza shop.
  • Eat 3 breadsticks and deem myself too full for any pizza.
  • Play with the cat.
  • Accidentally lock the cat in the closet for 10 minutes.
  • Hope to not lose electricity at home.
  • Wouldn't mind if electricity kept me home from work.
  • Boil rice so that I can have it with chili tomorrow.
  • Love the song that's in the Target holiday commercial.
  • Curse Target holiday commercials.
  • Watch a repeat of How I Met Your Mother because the advertised new one was not new.
  • Wish I had company on this rainy night.
  • Have my blog tagline fixed thanks to @DJLunchbox
  • Snuggle under blankets.
  • Heat a piece of pizza and only eat about 4 bites of it.
  • Talk to someone I shouldn't talk to.
  • Put myself out there.
  • Watch The Voice.
  • Pay my cellphone bill.
  • Avoid a phone call from the Obama campaign. They want me to volunteer.
  • Sit on the floor for too long. 
  • Have your back hurt.
We're relatively fine over in Western, PA. Stay safe everyone. No matter where the weather is finding you.

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