List #140: Dancing in September

I have no idea how it got to be September. I get the clocks, the calendars, the earth spinning on an axis and circling the sun.

But I swear all it took was a blink of my eye and we're here. My favorite month. A month of new beginnings, of change, of heat breaking way to chilly nights, my birthday.

I'm surprisingly calm about about this time of year right now. The clock is ticking down the days until my birthday. And 31 seems an awfully lot older than 30. But there isn't much I can do about the candles on the cake. Plus, I already have a jam-packed birthday weekend planned, ending with a plane ride and a week on the west coast. I'd be foolish to not realize how blessed I am in my old age.

But still, I want to make the most of my favorite month. So here's a tiny list of the things I want to do in September.

  • I want to give a bigger donation to the Obama campaign. The last election I was only working part-time so I gave more of my time. This time around, my money will have to suffice.
  • I want to post a new online dating profile. Will I commit to a paid site this month? Probably not since I have a vacation looming in less than 30 days, but OkCupid has to have a few good men, right?
  • I want to go on a legitimate date. Drink a beer at dinner and laugh. 
  • I want to watch a whole lot of football. At home, with friends, in a bar, alone. 

  • I want to dance, at night, to this song playing loudly. Preferably not alone.
  • I want to send a few more cards in the mail. Everyone loves real mail.
  • I want to attend happy hour downtown. With friends.
  • I want to flirt with a guy across the room, or on the street, or at a party. Or anywhere. Just flirt, with a stranger. 
  • I want to get a haircut. And wear it long. But bring back the bangs.
  • I want to find a reason to smile. Everyday. 
So dear readers, what do you want to do this September? Can we be in this together? 

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