List #168: A Small List of Things I Want to Miss

  • Your laugh. Cracking up even before you get to the punchline.
  • You at night. Just so that I can smell you lingering on my pillow.
  • A smile. That widens when I enter the room.
  • Your hands on my hips. Just so that I can feel your touch again.
  • The way you gently poke me. When you want to interrupt my reading.
These small things because I'm feeling wistful and romantic tonight. Because I want to be swept up in someone's arms who values me. As much as I say I don't want them, I want a grand gesture. 

I want to not have to think about going to parties alone. I want to feel someone's legs next to mine at night. I want to make mistakes and have someone laugh at me. 

I'm just feeling sentimental tonight. I'm still seeking the romance. I hope it knows where to find me.

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