List #165: Decorating

I hung these pictures in my kitchen today.

And even though I work almost non-stop for 8 hours. Planned programs for the fall, sent emails to over 100 people, and answered a few reference phone calls. Coming home after 9:00 and arranging these photos feels like my greatest accomplishment this Monday. 

I have a hard time putting things on my walls. It's probably a nod to my nervous nature towards commitment. I want commitment, full on. But I'm cautious about making bad decisions. But more and more I'm making decisions about my living place while trying not to worry that it's not perfect. I probably won't live here forever. I will probably change my mind about my decorating choices. And all of that is okay. 

But there is one rule that I have about what I display. It has to have a story; it has to have a history that relates to me. So actually, if you were to visit my apartment right now you might be shocked at how little I actually have here (Clothing aside. I have lots and lots of clothing). I learned to live with very little years ago when I lived far away. And I never had the desire to clutter everything up again (Case in point, I was gifted a microwave today and I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do with it). But what I do have is all a display of my favorite things, favorite places, favorite people. It's all a nod to all of the conflicting and best parts of me.

  • The top print is one I purchased on Etsy. A nod to the hometown that I love with all of my heart. Even when I want to flee it and never look back. It's nod to the skyline that I still think is the prettiest in the world. And one I'm so lucky to look at each morning as I head into work. I may not work downtown, but it's always just within my reach. Also, the title might be "Pittsburgh Coffee Break" but I'm just gonna go ahead and think they drinking tea.
  • The little rooster on the right is from a Loteria set that someone I dated once gave me at Christmastime. It wasn't so much a Christmas gift, as it was still pretty early in the relationship, as it was a "thinking of you gift." We'd both been out of town in December and I came back first, with a Ron Swanson magnet. So he came back with this. It's not hanging because of him though. It's hanging because I always liked the idea of having a rooster wake me up in the morning. And because the tiny cards remind me of first learning Spanish in a Catholic school room. Because I like saturated colors. It's tiny and perfect, but the one most likely to change first. 
  • The Pole Vaulter on the left is an advertisement for Greek chocolate. I bought it at an antique store in Naxos, but it really is just a reprint. A brand of chocolate I used to get from students on name day celebrations. 
I have plans for other things. Up next, work on my extensive postcard collection. But for tonight, just hanging these prints gave me some sense of accomplishment over things that don't happen at my desk.

So dear readers, what is your most favorite thing adorning your walls?

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