List #155: When It Almost Vanished

Maybe you noticed that my blog was missing in action for a few days. I woke this past Friday to realization that all of this that I have created here might disappear, because of a little quirk and some ignorance on my part. And I panicked.

I haven't been the best blogger this year. Sometimes I'm just a loss for words. Other times I want to not talk about what is personally going on in my life. And sometimes, well, sometimes I just have too much anxiety about my own future that if I type it here I may scream.

But when I was faced with the possibility that all of my writings and ramblings would be lost without any of my say-so? Well, that just wasn't going to cut it.

I've gone through a lot when I first started this blog on a cold night in January 2011. And I'm bound to go through a lot more as I keep writing. And I still haven't changed my tagline to reflect my current age.

I'm going to treat your better, readers. I may not be able to figure out to change that custom header to reflect a new tag line. But I'm going to try and write more. Continue to be honest with my feelings and hope that my story changes for the better as the days go by.

And I hope that you haven't deleted me from your reader just yet. And that you'll stick around for adventures.

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