List #138: How to Be Robin Scherbatsky

This is Robin. She's the character on the How I Met Your Mother who isn't played by anyone extremely famous. The girl who who Ted Mosby stole a blue french horn for. The one broke Barney's player heart. And she's friends with Allan Thicke. 

What makes Robin?

  1. Know how to drink hard liquor smoothly. Order this after the crappiest of days. Or when you're really looking to get laid.
  2. Have one man completely in love with you and have him shout it from the streets. Entertain this man because he's vocal and exactly what you should want.
  3. Recognize that this man is exactly what you don't want. And be honest. 
  4. Be madly in love with your best friend. But fear that you're just another girl he wants to bang.
  5. Hide emotions. 
  6. Struggle with balancing your career and your personal life. Choose career over settling down.
  7. Be the All-American girl from Canada. In other words, struggle with your roots and don't close doors.
  8. Root passionately for your favorite hockey team. 
  9. Giggle when lying. 
  10. Let's Go to the Mall. Today. You know, that thing you never want people to discover.
  11. Feel that nothing in life is solid. And be scared shitless. But see number 5.
Am I like Robin? Definitely. Am I everything like her at this exact moment? No. But she's one of the most believable portraits of a single woman on television. And you could say that a few of the above 11 may describe this woman. At least at certain points in her life. 

I think I may need Robin to end up happy more than I need Ted to find his wife.

What about you, dear readers? Which television character speaks to your inner self? Share in the comments.

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