Letter #31: Things I Want You to Know, Part 6

Dear High Heels,
When exactly, did we begin our affair? As a tall girl, on her feet a good portion of the day, my loyalty to flats was thick. But somewhere along the way you were slipped onto my foot and I shake you off. I love the way you click on library linoleum. I love how you look with pencil skirts. I hope we can keep up this relationship for a longtime to come.

Dear Pittsburgh,
I'm sorry the Steelers lost. I'm sad the Penguins aren't looking so great. And I'm even a little disappointed that Pitt Basketball isn't quite on track either. This seems to the season of injuries and defeat. But in the end, it's just a game. Let's not let it bring us down too far. We all still like each other and we all still want to have fun.

Dear Mornings,
You are best when there is no alarm to be set. Even better when there is no alarm to be set and a comfortable person next sleeping beside. But perhaps even better when the sleeping person in bed puts grabs you closer and pulls an arm over you when the alarm does finally wake.

Dear Pit in My Stomach,
Let's just come to an agreement. I've come to terms that you probably aren't going away. I'm too nervous when it comes to liking. I get too worried at the new. If I try to focus on what is said and done, and take things for face value and trust, then perhaps maybe you can not make me so crazy. You can stick around, just do it a bit more quietly for the time being. I'll do my best if you can promise me the same.

Dear Man at Starbucks (last seen 2011),
I saw another guy with a head tattoo yesterday. Actually, he had multiple tattoos. And they were brightly colored. I couldn't help but think of you and wonder where you've been.

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