Letter #29: People in My Neighborhood

Sometimes I feel lost when trying to write a new post. I've been blogging for almost a year and so much in the past year has changed. It can be tough walking the balance of what to share and what to keep close to heart. So became the inspiration of the guest posts. And since yesterday Maggie was the brave, kind soul to submit something to me first...I now have to use her post as an inspiration for my own.

So today, my own little letters to the people in my own personal neighborhood:

Dear Neighbor's Dog,
You really need to stop with the barking before 8 o'clock in the morning. It's just really unnecessary to bark at every passing car, or every child on his or her way to school. You're vicious looking, despite the tail wagging, so no one is going to come invade your yard anyway. Yes, I do know that your owner is really at fault and not you. But I thought if I could talk to you directly, maybe you'd stop and save her the pain of dealing with annoyed neighbors.

Dear Bus Drivers,
I appreciate your hard work everyday. I always try to exit out the front door so that I can tell you thanks and to have a good day. You are usually pleasant and happy and sometimes, you even compliment my jacket or my footwear. I like you most when you don't smoke on the bus before people board though; don't think we can't tell when you do. I wish you nothing but trouble-free roads in 2012.

Dear Patrons,
Each day you bring new excitement to the library. I love that you are passionate about books, learning, current affairs, and whatever is that you care about at the moment. Even when you and the library don't see eye-to-eye, know that we want serve you the best that we can. I can't wait to see what the new year brings for all of us: books, movies, programs and conversations.

Dear Neighbor who has been Living on my Parent's Street since I was very little,
You're a staple of my childhood. A beacon of my neighborhood. The neighbor who could always be counted on for extra sugar. And the neighbor I always had to deliver desserts to during the holidays, who gets leftover food from my Mom when she knows it's something you enjoy. You've had a rough year, you're in your 90s and yet you keep on going. I hope that I reach to be your age. I hope that I can care for my spouse the way you cared for yours. I hope that I am, one day, the friendly old neighbor you have always been to my family to someone in the neighborhood I am destined to settle in middle age.

So dear readers, who do you love and look forward to seeing in your neighborhood? Or are there people you'd just rather avoid? 

P.S. One of my Twitter Friends Jaci was inspired by this post and is setting her own goal in 2012. Go on over and check out her book blog. You won't regret it. Maybe we can all recommend some great new reads for the new year.

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