Moments #3: 4th of July

I wrote a few months ago that I wanted to share fireworks on the 4th of July with someone in the best kept secret spot. That really won't be happening tomorrow. No relationship to settle into and no one to hold my hand at night.

And I could write a little bit about how this holiday, more than any, makes me feel like singledom is never going to end. Or how memories can come flooding back when you're repeating events.

But you know what? That, and so much more, may be true. But so is good friends who drink martinis and listen to cover bands. So are picnics filled with librarians and eating food that is really so American there isn't any other way to celebrate.

And I'm just going to focus on all of that and have fun. My best kept secret spot will still be there next year. And really, a lot can happen in one year.


  1. I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and am astounded by how much we have in common. I am also recovering from a difficult break up, and your posts have been such a comfort and inspiration. I never really really thought of the fourth of July as a "couple's holiday" until I realized I'd be watching the fireworks alone. But, I will have friends and yummy food to focus on today. I hope you have a happy holiday!
    P.S. Blogger is giving my problems posting under my wordpress account, so here's a link to my blog: http://semisweetshiksa.wordpress.com/

  2. Hi Suzi,
    Thanks for making yourself known here & leaving a message! I am glad you're enjoying the blog & it does seem like we have a lot in common. I tried to access your blog earlier, but Wordpress told me I needed your permission, so I hope you'll let me see it.

    It's certainly been a rocky year. Doesn't it feel like recovering from a rocky break-up is an ongoing process? I chose not to put a lot of pressure on myself for the 4th this year. I like it too much and though I didn't have anyone to watch fireworks with today, it was still a fantastic weekend. And obviously a lot can change in one year...who knows where we will find ourselves this time next July.

    Don't be a stranger! And Happy 4th!

  3. Oh dear...apparently I had my wordpress set to private. (Oops!) It definitely does feel like an ongoing process, especially on holidays with so many memories attached. I'm glad you had a great weekend!

  4. What a great attitude you have! I hope your 4th was enjoyable.

  5. Suzi, I added the blog to my reader. Yay!

    Laura, I don't always have a great attitude...but I try. Every single day. So glad you commented on the blog. I understand the troubles you've been through. I'm glad we can connect and share our thoughts. <3