List #62: Songs for the Ages

I was all set to post a letter to my cousin tonight. But Blogger decided to quit today and then, when I sat down to finish the letter I have been writing, I found that I wasn't quite ready to finish it. I don't know if it's because there is only so much I want to share here or if I'm just not quite ready to send a final letter out there. Probably a mix of both.

So instead, I decided to come up with a mini-playlist for my best cousin. Songs that will forever remind me of her, songs that are silly, songs that make me cry and songs that give me hope.

Because this was the last bit of music I recommended to her & she dedicated this song to the biggest struggle of her life.

I know she's shaking her at this pick, but to me (a not very religious person) this song reminds me that we will be together again.
A song about survival. Because even though that terrible disease took over in the end. She was always a survivor with moxie at the core of her spirit.
Because I used to make my Uncle sing this for me on the guitar. And so many young memories of Laura & my brother & her sisters playing on keyboards and guitars and other assorted musical instruments. How I wish I had one ounce of her musical talent.

Because I know that Laura was talking about me on her last full day of consciousness. Concerned about my own happiness and heart. And I know she'd want me to let go of the sad and embrace my future.

So thank you to all of you who sent love and good thoughts this way. I truly believe that the most important things we can do on on this earth is to put kindness and love out in the world. And knowing that so many wonderful people were thinking about me, my cousin and all of our family really was as saving grace. So please, go listen to a favorite song, think of a loved one and promise to make a little room for happy tomorrow.


  1. So lovely, Shannon, and I am sure that your cousin approves of every song on this list. I wanted to add one more! It's a montage of clips from our favorite show, with a super cute song called "Spread a Little Joy." I feel that it goes along with your theme of making room for happy. :)


  2. Amazing songs. What a great list to keep the memories alive.

  3. Shannon- Somehow I read through these posts too quickly and didn't realize you lost your sweet cousin, the subject of that amazing post about all you two shared. I am so so very sorry. Man, some hard stuff for you these days. Thinking of you...take care of your sweet self.