List # 55: Television Dreams

Sometimes I think I watch a little too much TV, but most of the time I am at peace with my viewing. I have a few shows that I schedule time for, a few that I'll catch up with online if I think about it, and a few that I'll watch On Demand come a weekend with few plans and/or rain and/or a cranky mood.

I have always been the type of girl who likes to have background noise. Perhaps it's because I have a loud family that likes to talk, perhaps it's because even when I'm working my brain works better if it has a distraction from time to time. And it's definitely because the voices make me feel less lonely when I'm all alone.

But just like it takes a lot for me to declare a book a favorite, it takes a lot for me to have a favorite television show too. But again, like books, my favorites are stories I'd like to see myself in. Not just a guest spot, but the staring role in a television show with all the non-essential stress that probably comes from being another person all day.

So, the list tonight? Television Shows I would like to be in:

  • Parks & Recreation. This has become the funniest show on television right now. Let me be Leslie, or Ron's crazy librarian-ex wife. I'd rather be Leslie because she is going to kiss Adam Scott. But the crazy librarian is probably something I could handle.
  • Treme. Because I deeply want to be a New Orleans musician. Or journalist. And hello, I could film in New Orleans. The show needs a librarian. So clearly, they can cast me.
  • 30 Rock. Because I am only a smidgen more put together than Liz Lemon. And that's on a good day. But seriously, can Tina Fey and I be friends now?
  • Samantha Brown's Great Hotels, Passport to Europe, et. al. Because I deserve to spend my weeks traveling around the world and doing all of the things my heart desires but my pockets prevent. TLC can just insert my name into the title, and Viola! I'll take hanging out with Anthony Bourdain any day too.
No reality shows for me. Not that I don't watch them (um, hello Teen Mom) but I don't actually want to be on them. Except for amazing race. For the same reasons I want to be on Samantha Brown's shows really.

What about you, lovelies? Is there a television show you just know you'd be a smash on if only given the chance? Screw the acting degree/training. We'd clearly be Emmy winners.


  1. You can't possibly think you watch too much TV when you're friends with me!

  2. Remember when I used to send American Dreams updates to you when you were living in Greece? I miss that show.

  3. You know what's funny? When I wrote the title for this post I thought to myself "oh man, remember American dreams? And how awesome that show was? And how Lauren used to email me recaps when I lived in Greece?"

    Good friend. That's you.