List # 53: The Night Of

My Dad had surgery today. And unfortunately, it was not a hip replacement like we had all hoped. Instead, they found what is probably infection left over and could only put in some type of spacer for now. And we'll just have to wait & see.

I'm in no mood for talking to the open Internet tonight, so:

1. So much waiting & seeing. I don't know how much more anyone in my family can handle.
2. Having to be strong, and the be one your parents can rely on, without having someone to rely on yourself is just about the hardest thing.
3. I want so much to call but really only want a call to come to me.
4. If only I could win the lottery, some stress would just be a little less.
5. At least Parks & Recreation is still funny.
6. And at least I am most thankful for working with a wonderful group of women.
7. And at least I am thankful for such great friends near & far.

My beautiful cousin says she believes in love above all things. And I do too. I try so hard to put love out into the world and can feel the love surrounding my family. But sometimes it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is so far & away it's almost impossible to see. Even with new glasses.

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