Miscellaneous #2

Getting it Right the First Try:

There was big news in the library world this week: ALA Mid-Winter convention wrapped up, Nancy Pearl celebrated a birthday & the Newbery & Caldecott winners were announced. You remember those awards, right? You probably read a few of the Newbery winners along the way in grade school: Maniac Magee, The Giver & Sarah, Plain & Tall. Hell, I even remember reading Strawberry Girl in the 4th grade and being the only one in the class who enjoyed it. It's not one that stands the test of time, and my fellow Catholic School mates were probably right in their disapproval, but I was a young girl who just loved books.

I don't think it's all that uncommon for no one to even think twice about these awards (and many others given out) unless you ARE a librarian. But it does gaurantee that the book will be forever printed & always on a reading list somewhere. It's the ticket to author/illustrator fame.

Well this year, 2 first time winners were announced. Both the Newbery & the Caldecott winners were first timers. People who came out of the gate running. And I can't help but be jealous and inspired by them at the same time.

I'll admit that I never even heard of the Newbery title until it was annouced, Moon Over Manifest. But I don't feel terrible about it because not one of my librarian friends had heard of it either. It's in my queue now though & a copy is ordered for my library.

But the Caldecott winner is my absolute FAVORITE children's book of 2010: A Sick Day for Amos McGee. The pictures are so soft & gentle that each time I read it I get a warm feeling in my heart & almost start to cry. I love tales of friendship & this is the tops. Seeing this book win this week was exactly the kind of reminder of faith & love & friendship & hard work that I needed to see.

I want to see that when you work hard & pour your heart into a project, or a desire, or a person that you are rewarded. I want to see that people still crave simple. I want to see that we all admire friendship & loyalty. A Sick Day for Amos McGee does all of that & their husband/wife author/illustrator combo (and young too) just shows that sweet things are always rewarded.

I can't wait to read Moon Over Manifest. Encourge you to read them both as well. And once again, ask for a book deal.

Oh, Librarians. We get our kicks off of books.

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