List # 14

There isn't much to say today, but here is a list:

1. I'm finding that writing down some little thoughts before I sleep each night, or in the middle of the day if that's when it needs to happen, is both soothing and energetic. This is all in practice for that book I'm going to start writing this year. New goals.

2. I went to the movies tonight. And I purchased that kid combo that I always got every time we went together. And I know I used to get so annoyed when you'd say you didn't want any popcorn or drink, and then you'd eat the top layer & drink my small pop during the whole movie. I was a brat sometimes, I know. But I didn't even eat half of my popcorn tonight & it would have been nice not to see that all go to waste with you. I'm sorry for those times I wasn't nice about the little stuff. I always liked sharing with you, even if I didn't show it.

3. My friend Claire, who lives in England & blogs here, just had a baby girl. I love this friend & I'm so excited for her new arrival, even if I am on another continent. Claire has always been a supportive friend, was my best pal during one of the best years of my life, has helped me through so many things and so her own life change so much in just one short year. I love, Stuart & the baby. Even if I haven't met 2 of the 3. And I'm toasting them with a glass of our favorite, Bailey's.

G'night, lovelies. Here's to a warm sleep, a bright day & a Steelers win.

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